Our philosophy is Real Life Learning, Hands-on interactive educational programs creating memorable Jewish experiences - the springboard to further involvement.

It is our goal to reach Every Jew Everywhere in schools and Synagogues, at home, shopping centers, and fairs regardless of their affiliation or level of observance.

Holiday Programs

Shofar Factory

With unique media, and innovative presentation methods, participants will:
Gain insight into the significance of the Shofar in the celebration of Rosh Hashanah; Craft a genuine Shofar from the raw horn of a ram; See and hear a demonstration of the traditional blasts, while acquiring skills of blowing the Shofar.
Option: Craft one Shofar to be used at the school's discretion; for an additional fee, students may craft and take home their own Shofar.

DATES: Pre Rosh Hashanah
AGES: 3+       DURATION: 60 minutes
COST: $1.00 per participant; additional shofars $7.00 each

Lulav and Etrog

In an imaginary shuk (market place), children become expert shopper where they:
Feel the distinct texture of Etrogim from around the world and smell their sweet fragrance; Smell and touch the other three species: the Lulav (palm branch);the Hadas (myrtle);and Arava (willow);Learn to arrange and hold a “Four Species”set in the proper manner, as well as the Torah source for each Mitzvah; Create a lulav-holder from strips of palm branches. The group receives one finished set.
This program is greatly enhanced when presented in a school or community Sukkah.

DATES: Pre-Sukkot
AGES: 3-10       DURATION: 45 minutes
COST: $1.00 per participant

Olive Press

As a group of Macabees, students will refine the olive oil needed for the Temple Menorah while they:
Pit fresh olives, squeeze them with a hand press; Strain and spin the extract in a centrifuge to separate the pure oil; Enjoy a video of an olive oil factory in Italy, which introduces them to the modern process; Fashion a wick out of cotton for use with the oil when lighting the Menorah; Take home a sample of the oil.

DATES: Pre-Chanukah
AGES: 3-13       DURATION: 45 minutes
COST: $1.00 per participant

Matzah Bakery

Passover will become more meaningful when children have a chance to dig into the dough as they:
Produce flour from wheat kernels,winnow,and separate the chaff from the grain; Collect the grain into a hand-driven wheat mill and grind it into flour;Knead,roll,and bake the dough into a handmade matzah in the required amount of time; Delight in taking home their very own freshly-baked matzah,a baker’s hat,and a Shmurah Matzah for their family Seder table.

DATES: Pre-Passover
AGES: 3-14       DURATION: 60 minutes
COST: $2.50 per participant

Mitzvah Programs

Torah Factory

The extraordinary complex process of creating a Torah, including its wooden, metal and cloth ornaments, are highlighted. Participants:
Gain an appreciation of the skills required for this intricate task; View a video and samples illustrating the process of making a Torah scroll, starting with the raw hide, through the tanning and sanding, until the parchment is finished; Write their Hebrew name with a goose quill, in the script used by the sofer, on a piece of finished parchment which they take home. Each participant receives a souvenir scribe's kit.

DATES: Year Round*
AGES: 4+       DURATION: 60 minutes
COST: $2.00 per participant
* This program may be adapted for a Torah writing ceremony (beginning or completing)

Challah Baking

Starting from scratch each participant makes their own dough and forms their own challah. Using a powerpoint presentation the participants gain an understanding of where this famous Jewish bread originates and it's meaning on our Shabbat table. Students learn a variety of braiding and shaping options and get to make the one of their choice.
Each child takes home their own shaped challah.

DATES: Year Round
AGES: 6+       DURATION: 60 minutes
COST: $1.50 per participant


Participants learn about the art and skills of Tefillin fabrication, including some of its hidden meanings. They:
Touch and examine an assortment of parchment samples, scripts and Tefillin sets; Follow the process of creating a Tefillin set, starting with a piece of raw hide; Perform the task of a sofer (scribe) and proofread copies of a Tefillin scroll; Try their hand at making a Tefillin knot.

DATES: Year Round
AGES: 11+       DURATION: 45 minutes
COST: $1.00 per participant


This workshop, catered to confirmation classes and the upper grades of elementary school, features:
A tour of the beautiful Mikvah facilities. A video presentation explaining the significance of this mitzvah.Visual displays and step-by-step construction of a Mikvah, as well as Mikvahs throughout history. A question-and-answer session.

DATES: Year Round
AGES: 14+       DURATION: 60 minutes


Aided by diagrams of home entrances and doorways, and with an assortment of Mezuzah scrolls and beautiful covers, students:
Learn the laws and customs pertaining to the Mezuzah scroll, its cover and placement; Gain insight into the layout and design of the scroll; Examine Mezuzot in varied styles, sizes and conditions; Create a copper Mezuzah cover with their own original design, which they take home.

DATES: Year Round
AGES: 7+       DURATION: 60 minutes
COST: $2.00 per participant


The Havdallah ceremony comes to life as students explore its meaning and assemble their own Havdallah kits. They:
Touch and examine the ritual objects used in the Havdallah ceremony and discuss their significance; Dip wicks into vats of hot beeswax and then weave the thin candles to create a beautiful Havdallah candle; Make a fragrance holder using bits of cloves,foam balls and cloth; Learn how to recite and lead the Havdallah service. Receive a full-color laminated Havdallah card to complete the kit.

DATES: Year Round
AGES: 3-12       DURATION: 60 minutes
COST: $2.00 per participant


A display of a variety of Tallit/Tzitzit styles and sizes captivates the attention of the students. They:
Explore the process of Tallit-making and the origins of the different styles and colors; Discover the significance of Tallit lines, blue thread and Tzitzit(knotted strings); Learn the formula to tie and knot Tzitzit, which they take home in an attractive holder.

DATES: Year Round
AGES: 9+       DURATION: 60 minutes
COST: $1.50 per participant; additional cost to make a complete Tallit garment


The Kosher Workshop will provide an engaging “crashcourse” regarding the laws of keeping Kosher, it will:
Introduce children and families to the fundamentals of kashrut.Take participants behind the scene to see the intricacies of kosher certification. Provide a hands-on experience of kosher shopping. Demonstrate the practical practice of kashrut observance in our home.

DATES: Year Round
AGES: 3-12       DURATION: 60 minutes


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