Services are free but due to Covid-19 social distancing guidelines, advance registration is required. Click here to RSVP. If your plans change please let us know to free up your spot.

Holiday Service Schedule 5781 - 2020



Join us for engaging, inspiring and easy to follow services in a warm and inclusive atmosphere. Whether you've been going to Synagogue since childhood or this is your first time, you will feel right at home!   If this will be your first time at Chabad or for beginners click here

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Services will take place outdoors at Chabad of Minneapolis
located at 2845 Hedberg Dr. Minnetonka, MN 55305 unless otherwise noted.

For more information please call 952-929-9922 or email us.

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Please review our Covid-19 guidelines here

 To ensure everyone’s safety we are increasing our staff, maintenance, supplies as well as putting up a tent in the parking lot for outdoor services. As always our services are without charge, in light of the increased costs your contribution to help defray the costs is greatly appreciated. Click here to donate .

Rosh Hashanah


Friday, Sept 18 (Erev Rosh Hashana)

  Light Candles at 6:59 pm
 * Mincha & Yom Tov Services 7:00 pm
  Location: To be determined (Outdoor Tent) 


Shabbat, Sept 19

 * Shacharit Morning Services 9:00 am

Boxed light Kiddush Followed by Mincha Services

No shofar blowing as it is Shabbat 

  Location: at Chabad - Outdoors in tent weather permitting (ages 12+ only)
 * Yom Tov Evening Services 8:00 pm


Location: To be determined (Outdoor Tent) 

  Light Candles* after 7:59 pm


Sunday, Sept 20


Shacharit Morning Services (Full service including Shofar)

Inspiring and easy to follow services in a warm and inclusive atmosphere with English and Hebrew prayer books. 

8:30 am

Location: at Chabad - Indoors (ages 12+ only)

 * Shofar & Learners Service  12:30 pm

Location: at Chabad in outdoor tent (family seating)

* Shofar in the Park ( click here for other locations) 5:00 pm

Location: Mayflower Park -2835 Mayflower Ave, Minnetonka, MN 55305

 * Mincha  7:00 pm
  Yom Tov ends      7:37 pm
Wednesday, October 2 (Fast of Gedalia)
  Fast begins 5:40 am
  Fast ends 7:22 pm
Yom Kippur (Schedule to be determined and updated accordingly)
Sunday, Sept 27
  Shacharis  TBD
  Light Candles at 6:42 pm
  Fast Begins at 6:42 pm
  Pre Kol Nidrei preparations 6:30 pm
  Kol Nidrei Services  6:45 pm
Wednesday, October 9
  Shacharit Morning Services  TBD
  Yizkor Memorial Service  TBD
  Afternoon Mincha Service  TBD

Neilah Closing Service

  Fast Ends at 7:42 pm
Sukkot (Schedule to be determined and updated accordingly)
Friday, Oct. 2
  Light Candles at  6:33 pm
  Evening Services  TBD
Shabbat, Oct. 3
  Shacharit Morning Services  TBD
  Mincha & Evening Services  TBD
  Light Candles* after  after 7:33 pm
Sunday, Oct. 4
  Shacharit Morning Services  TBD
  Mincha           TBD
  Yom Tov ends  7:31 pm
Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah
Friday, Oct. 9
  Shacharit  TBD
  Light Candles at  6:20pm
  Mincha   TBD
  Evening Services and Hakafot  TBD
Shabbat, Oct. 10
  Shacharit Morning Services  TBD
  Yizkor Memorial Service  TBD
  Mincha  TBD
  Evening Services  TBD
  Followed by Kiddush & Hakafot -Family Celebration and Dinner   TBD
  Light Candles* after  7:20 pm
Sunday, Oct. 11
  Shacharit Morning Services  TBD
  Yom Tov ends  7:18 pm
* Light only from a pre-existing flame