Online Quick Registration for Hebrew School Year 2023-2024

Note: Please use a separate form for each child. If you would like to register more than one child, hit the back button after you submit the form and change the necessary information.

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Registration Fee: $50
* Grades K-5: $750
* CTeen Jr. (grades 6-8): $750
Discounts: Sibling Discount; 5% off each additional child
limited scholarships available; CLICK HERE to apply for scholarship

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Prepayment in full before September.

Pay ½ of tuition before September, and ½ by January 15.

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Please mail checks to Chabad Minneapolis: 2845 Hedberg Dr., Minnetonka, MN 55305
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As the parent(s) or legal guardian of the above child, I/we authorize any adult acting on behalf of Chabad Hebrew School to hospitalize or secure treatment for my child, I further agree to pay all charges for that care and/or treatment. It is understood that if time and circumstances reasonably permit, Chabad Hebrew School personnel will try, but are not required, to communicate with me prior to such treatment. I hereby give permission for my child to participate in all school activities, join in class and school trips on and beyond school properties and allow my child to be photographed while participating in Chabad Hebrew School activities and that these pictures may be used for marketing purposes.

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We look forward to a wonderful year of learning and growth!