The MITZVAH SERIES promotes Jewish living and lifecycles


Aided by diagrams of home entrances and doorways, and with an assortment of Mezuzah scrolls   and beautiful covers, students:

 Learn the laws and customs pertaining to the Mezuzah scroll, its cover and placement; Gain insight into the layout and design of the scroll; Examine Mezuzot in varied styles, sizes and conditions; Create a copper Mezuzah cover with their own original design, which they take home.


The Havdalah ceremony comes to life as students explore its meaning and assemble their own Havdalah kits. They:

Touch and examine the ritual objects used in the Havdalah ceremony and discuss their significance; Dip wicks into vats of hot beeswax and then weave the thin candles to create a beautiful Havdalah candle; Make a fragrance holder using bits of cloves,foam balls and cloth; Learn how to recite and lead the Havdalah service. Receive a full-color laminated Havdalah card to complete the kit.


Participants learn about the art and skills of Tefillin fabrication, including some of its hidden meanings. They:

Touch and examine an assortment of parchment samples, scripts and Tefillin sets; Follow the process of creating a Tefillin set, starting with a pieceof raw hide; Perform the task of a sofer (scribe) and proofread copies of aTefillin scroll; Try their hand at making a Tefillin knot.


A display of a variety of Tallit/Tzitzit styles and sizes captivates the attention of the students. They:

Explore the process of Tallit-making and the origins of the different styles and colors; Discover the significance of Tallit lines, blue thread and Tzitzit(knotted strings); Learn the formula to tie and knot Tzitzit, which they take home in an attractive holder.


This workshop, catered to confirmation classes and the upper grades of elementary school, features:

A tour of the beautiful Mikvah facilities. A video presentation explaining the significance of this mitzvah.Visual displays and step-by-step construction of a Mikvah, as well as Mikvahs throughout history. A question-and-answer session.


The Kosher Workshop will provide an engaging “crashcourse” regarding the laws of keeping Kosher, it will:

Introduce children and families to the fundamentals of kashrut.Take participants behind the scene to see the intricacies of kosher certification. Provide a hands-on experience of kosher shopping. Demonstrate the practical practice of kashrut observance in our home.