The Shul @ Chabad

 Where the prayers are meaningful...the people are friendly...and everyone feels at home.

Imagine praying in an atmosphere of total inclusion and acceptance, where you are welcome, in fact encouraged, to ask questions, and where you are implored to be as nonjudgmental of your neighbor as he or she is of you.  This is the atmosphere that has been created in this small, unassuming building in Minneapolis, known as the Chabad House, which we call home.

At Minneapolis Chabad Lubavitch, prayer services are set in a traditional yet educational format, making the experience one of warmth and joy for both the experienced and non-experienced alike. Prayer services are open to all, regardless of educational background, commitment, affiliation, or level of Jewish observance. There is a palpable warmth that melts away any embarrassment for those unfamiliar with Hebrew or new to communal prayer. The services are user-friendly and are conducted in the traditional Hebrew, with some English passages sprinkled in for further understanding. In keeping with our theme of an open house for all, no membership is required.

A children's program is offered simultaneously in a separate room which makes it an enjoyable and meaningful experience for all ages.

A delicious Kiddush follows the service. All the traditional favoShabbat Tablerites - gefilte fish, cholent, and salads galore - complement a warm and friendly atmosphere. Stories, insights on the Parsha, singing and l'chaims make for an enjoyable and inspiring time.  
Kiddush sponsors bring an added dimension to the Kiddush, by inviting us to share in celebrating their personal events.